Food truck changing how the world eats BBQ.


Our menu is simple: slow-smoked BBQ sandwiches (and bowls) made to order for everyone. Even our herbivore friends. Less clutter = more love.


Everywhere does it different. Flyby showcases regional BBQ flavors from across the USA under one roof. Shop our featured American sauces!


Our flavors range across the country but our ingredients are close to home: only using fresh, natural,  high-quality ingredients. It’s the right thing to do.


BBQ doesn’t have to feel dark or dirty. Enjoy your sandwich in a familar setting: backyard grilling with the fam. Open. Airy. Communal.

Our Story

The Butcher family is rooted in meat. For generations in Yugoslavia, our ancestors provided their neighborhood with safe, fresh, tasty cuts of meat. After losing this tradition, we decided to revitalize our namesake – and do it in a 21st century way.

The inspiration for Flyby stems from our historic love of BBQ food and the lack of a modern, fresh, and convenient place to get it. We set out to simplify and enrich the entire experience as we saw it: starting with an environment resembling the backyard BBQ gatherings we cherished growing up and ending with natural local ingredients.

Flyby’s mission is to provide communities with high-quality BBQ experiences and do it with dignity, the way Grandpa “Chick” would have wanted.

The Team

David Butcher

David Butcher

Founder and President

Head of making customers smile. David leads the Flyby team and mission. He’s also a full-time Buckeye!

Mark Butcher

Mark Butcher

Product Director

Head of making the best BBQ Ohio has ever tasted. Mark makes sure what we serve is the highest quality and leads Flyby R&D.

Madi Cano

Madi Cano

Marketing Director

Head of making us look good. Madi leads our design and marketing teams. You can also catch her on cash register!

Flyby is a member of Ohio Proud